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I used to say that my favorite day of the week was Monday, because it was the beginning of the week and it held so much potential. I figured that if I had a productive or otherwise awesome Monday, it would set a great tone for the rest of the week. That often proved true! But what about the weeks when Monday didn’t turn out so awesome? Self-fulfilling prophecy maybe, but those weeks often felt like a struggle.

I finally realized that I needed a change of perspective. I didn’t need to put so much pressure on Mondays or myself. They didn’t deserve it, and neither did I! Some Mondays were going to be awesome, and others weren’t, as was true with every other day in the week. It didn’t matter how amazing or productive any one day ended up being. What was most important to me, both practically and mentally, was finding something in every day to celebrate, smile about, and to bring me joy. Something that could let me see every day a good day.

Some days it is something small – having time out in the sunshine, eating a particularly good lunch, reading a passage in a book or blog that made me think about something differently, watching an inspiring TikTok, hearing a song that moved me. Often it’s something that I create – I finish a sweater that has taken months to knit, I warped my loom for the first time in ages, I drew a particularly fun doodle that made me smile.

Sometimes it is something bigger – making plans to see my mom after months of quarantine; celebrating an achievement in one of my kids’ or friends’ lives; accomplishing a task I’ve been putting off and finally seeing it finished.

What the “something” is doesn’t really matter. What matters is recognizing it. Choosing to change perspectives so that I can see it. Allowing it to color my day in a positive way instead of letting the crappier things in life be primary in my outlook.

I invite you to come along with me here, where I’ll share snippets of my days – thoughts, experiences, new perspectives – that might help you to look at your own days through a lens of seeing a favorite part of each day. I hope I can help you feel lighter, more positive, and encouraged as we travel the paths of life in this world together.

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