2023 KnitSpinFarm Battvent

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Start Date: December 1, 2023
Finish Date: December 26, 2023


Fiber: KnitSpinFarm’s 2023 Battvent collection. I got the “unboxed” version this year so they were not individually wrapped.

Wheel: Schacht Sidekick


I purchased the “unboxed” version of JoAnna’s Battvent this year, allowing me to see all of the colors and arrange then as I wanted to.

My goal was to pair up batts of similar colors in two parallel gradient-ish progressions to spin as two singles and then ply together. Most of the batts paired nicely with another, but there were a few I couldn’t make work, so those I instead split in half and paired with each other. In the end I’ve got 15 sets, or 30 days worth of spinning (plus a ply day), so this will be more of a month-long endeavor than just a 24 day Advent, but I’m fine with that.

I’ve finished days 1-4 so far and I’m really enjoying it.

Day 3 was the first of the days that was half of a batt.

Day 12 was a half batt.

12/17 – I finished the first bobbin with Day 15 the other day and have now started the second bobbin going back to my Day 1 baggie and using the second battlett of each day as I’d picked them out to go with each other when plied. 16 & 17 are spun. It’s fun to look back and see when their corresponding days looked like on the first bobbin and to imagine how they’ll look plied together. Also really hoping that the planned days line up with each other, at least partially!

(I have not added the daily pictures of each additional color for the second bobbin. I’ll try to get to that at some point.)

12/25 – Christmas treat to myself…being up way early before anyone else for a couple of hours and getting to spin in the quiet. Priceless. Finished the second bobbin, which seems not quite as full as the first. :shrug: Hoping to ply tomorrow.

12/26 – Plied! I got 396 wraps on the niddy noddy, which is 660 yd; adjusting for my usual shrinkage after soaking, total yardage will be closer to 567.

Such a fun project!

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