August Personal Stash Yarn Challenge – Ikigai Cowl

Craft Category:
Start Date: August 4, 2023
Finish Date: August 11, 2023


Yarn – Hipstrings Gifted DK, Sinkhole colorway

Needles – US 6

Pattern – Ikigai Cowl, by Breean Elyse Miller (Pattern is available from Paradise Fibers here, or on Ravelry here.)


8/5 – I cast on yesterday evening. It’s my camping project, which will hopefully have good memories knit into it, despite this having the potential to be a rough emotional weekend, especially tomorrow. :crossed_fingers:

Before we left. I wound it into two balls because I wasn’t sure if pooling was going to be an issue. So far so good though. It’s actually kind of doing a striping thing, which I’m down with.

Mods: I upped the cast on to 200 stitches after reading notes from some other projects saying that will allow it to be narrower and wrapped twice.

8/11 – Finished! I have about 11 grams left (the skein was actually 105 to begin with), but that wouldn’t have been enough to do a full repeat and bind off. It’s plenty deep enough tho. It does work doubled, though it’s a snug fit that way. I could have probably cast on another 30-40 stitches for a looser fit, but it’s fine as is.

Still need to block it and see how much the eyelets open up.


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