Classy Squid Nesta & Cuddlefish Spin

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Start Date: May 1, 2023



  • Classy Squid Cuddlefish Batts (two 2-oz batts)
  • John Arbon Devonia top, 100 grams, Blue Skies (?)
  • Classy Squid Shetland/Tussah, four 4-oz braids, Nesta


  • Schacht Sidekick
  • Ashford Traveler


Technically I started this spin back in 2018 on a drop spindle. I was going to spin the batts on my drop spindle and then the shetland/tussah on my wheel and use them together.

Fast forward to now, I tranferred the spindle spun to a Sidekick bobbin (which I’d been doing anyway, but I moved the rest of it there too) and finished spinning the two batts that mostly matched on the Sidekick.

Rather than spinning some of the Nesta fiber to go with the batt singles (which I think was my original plan?), I’m using some John Arbon Devonia in a navy blue to pair with the batt fiber, and then I’ll spin the four braids of Shetland/Tussah on their own and ply those together. I will probably be able to use it all in the same project if I decide I want to do that, but this way I won’t be committed to doing that plus I will have some extra yardage to work with if that is what I want to do.

5/4 – I finished the batts/John Arbon plying part of this project and ended up with around 660 yards, unfinished. I like how the JA fiber coordinated with the batts! I’ll probably have closer to 600 yards once it’s soaked. Still not sure what I’ll use it for, but I’m happy with the result!

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