Combo Spin #2 – for DRK Everyday Sweater

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Start Date: July 21, 2022
Finish Date: April 30, 2023


I’m using multiple braids for this project. I’ll add them here once I find the labels!


7/21/22 – I did a combo spin prep video today, so the fiber is prepped. I will add the specific braids here eventually.

11/8 – First skein is plied. 533 yards unsoaked.

4/27/23 – All of the spinning and plying is done, except for the leftover bit on my last bobbin, which I’ll likely chain ply and it won’t be used for the sweater project.

I’ll add final yardages here once the yarn is soaked and dry.

Final yardage: 1,822 yards, plus a tiny 3-ply from the singles left on one bobbin.

I still need to get a picture of it all.

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