EEW Nano 2 Experiment – KnitSpinFarm Battlings

Craft Category:
Start Date: August 16, 2023
Finish Date: September 3, 2023


Fiber: KnitSpinFarm batts, Monthly Batt Club, September 2018

Wheel: Electric Eel Wheel Nano 2


8/17 – These batts were a set of 6 from the KSF Monthly Batt Club, September 2018.

I started spinning one of these batts with my little Turkish spindle a few weeks ago on the Soggy Bottom weekend, though my original plan for them was to play with them during Tour de Fleece using this Nano 2 that I got earlier this year through backing the Kickstarter campaign. I didn’t have time to do that, but since I’m currently between spinning projects, I thought it would be a good time to try to get the Nano figured out.

When it first arrived, I thought it would be easy to set up and spin away on. It actually needed some time and tweaking, which I’ll detail a little later. But after playing with it yesterday morning, I was finally able to spin a decent singles with it and did two battlings yesterday and did a third today. I plan to do the two remaining battlings as well as finish the one I started on my Turkish spindle (I’ll spin the yarn I did do in that into the bobbin when I get that far). I’m planning to ply each of them to themselves from center pull balls, though the one bobbin is singles might prove challenging because they’re are a little of overspun, wiry segments in it. But we’ll see how it goes!

9/5 – I did manage to get into a rhythm with the Nano, though it is fickle. I got all of the singles spun on it, but I did a chain ply with each individual batt’s single on my Traveler. I can’t imagine trying to chain ply on that little e-spinner. As it was, chain plying some of those singles was a nightmare on my Traveler because the singles were so overspun! But once I soaked them and gave them some aggressive snaps, they did settle down. I’m not sure they’re going to be the most comfy of yarns next to skin, but they should make a decent if funky hat. LOL


Yarn stats (copied from my Notes app):

KnitSpinFarm Autumnal Equinox Batts – Monthly Batt Club. September 2018

Singles spun on EEW Nano; plied on Ashford Traveler

#1 – Peach/Yellow – 18 wraps; 10 grams; 30 yd unsoaked; 26 yd finished.

#2 – Pink/Gold/Green – 28 wraps; 18 grams; 46 yd unsoaked; 40 yd finished.

#3 – Green/Yellow – 26 wraps; 15 grams; 43 yd unsoaked; 37 yd finished.

#4 – Brown/Cream – 23 wraps; 11 grams; 38 yd unsoaked; 33 yd finished.

#5 – Brown/Pink – 29 wraps; 14 grams; 48 yd unsoaked; 41 yd finished.

#6 – Dark Brown/Cream – 13 wraps; 11 grams; 21 yd unsoaked; 18 yd finished.

195 yd total


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