Granny Stripes Cardi

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Start Date: June 17, 2020


Yarn: FDW Mountain Tweed BFL in Plain Vanilla as the MC and a variety of minis in different colors for the alternating stripes.

Yarn Availability: Mountain Tweed BFL (as well as currently available Mountain Tweed Merino minis) is available through my shop, Fibernymph Dye Works. If there are no active listings for custom dyed colors on minis or full skeins when you visit, feel free to request a special order using this link!

Pattern: A Good Vintage Cardigan, by Fran Morgan.

Ravelry Pattern Page:

Hooks Used: C and D


I’m using my Mountain Tweed undyed for the main color and then using a whole bunch of MT minis in a variety of colors for the other stripes in the sweater. I think it will be so much fun!

I think this might be turning out a little large, as I feel like maybe I’m a loose crocheter (as well as a knitter!), but I have marked off the area that will be the back, and if the fronts end up being too large to accommodate bands, I may just do a crocheted edging and leave it hang open rather than adding buttons. We’ll see.

9/30 – Hibernating this until after TWT Sweater KAL.

6/29/21 – Pulled this back out since my mom’s here and in the bedroom and I left all of my current projects in there so I need something to work on. I did find a C hook though, so I’ve moved down to that to see if that helps with gauge and size.

2/1/22 – I’ve started working on this again. It’s further along than I thought. Working on the uppers and am almost done. I think? I’m also not sure if I might need to rip back because the armhole depth is seeming like it might be too deep.


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