Heel Toe Do Si Do Socks

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Start Date: September 18, 2021
Finish Date: March 6, 2022


Yarn: FDW Mountain Tweed BFL, River Rocks colorway.

Pattern: Heel Toe Do Si Do, by Kay Litton (pattern link goes to Etsy)

Needles: US1


9/18/21 – After deciding this wasn’t the best yarn choice for the Mammillaria hat, I decided to use it instead for these socks. That decision was also inspired by seeing Carol’s sock (from A Stitch in Time podcast) in this pattern with this yarn. :blush:

I haven’t done a patterned sock in a long time, but this is a really fun and easy pattern so far, easy to memorize, and I love the detail.

I haven’t decided yet if I’m going to do the heel flap in a different color or not yet. Since I didn’t actually frog the beginning of the hat to recoup the yarn, it might make sense to do that, though I’m pretty sure I’ll still have enough yarn to do the socks even without that. We’ll see!

3/7/22 – These sat abandoned for several months before I recently picked them back up and whizzed through to finish them. I just used the same yarn throughout and did yarn management to match the striping pattern back up after the heel turn. I haven’t actually tried them on yet, but I have the feeling the cuff may be a little loose due to the little bit of lace, but perhaps popping them in the dryer will snug them up enough. Either way, I’ll be putting them away until next fall.

The pattern itself was a lot of fun, quickly memorizable, and it was nice that it was only on the front half of the cuff as well.

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