Highland Slipover

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Start Date: January 3, 2023


Yarn: Handspun Briar Rose Fibers BFL (?) in a turquoise blue

Needles: US6

Pattern: Highland Slipover, by Ozetta/Hailey Smedly



1/3/23 – This is the first of my SSOY MAL projects for the year. I’ve had the yarn set aside for it for several months now. I am not 100% sure of the details of this handspun, though I am 99.5% sure it was some Briar Rose Fibers BFL. I meant to calculate yardage before I wound the three skeins into balls, but I forgot. Going on a hope that I will have enough yardage to finish!

So far it’s a pretty enjoyable knit. The yarn is nice to work with and is working well with the Lykke interchangeables I’m using.

I’m through with the upper back and I’ve joined the two front sections. Yarn quantity looks pretty good at this point. The fact that this doesn’t have sleeves is helpful. LOL Fingers crossed!

(I have since confirmed that this is the BRF handspun that I thought it might be, and I also found four additional albeit smaller skeins of the yarn, so I definitely should be good for yardage!)

1/21 – I tried this on today and it fits really well, I’m pleased! I have a few more inches needed in length I think, but I’m going to hold off on finishing that and do the neckline and armhole cuffs before I decide how much more to add to the body, as I am sure the neckline is going to pull the whole thing up a bit. But I’m very close to finishing, which is exciting!

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