January 2023 Stash Challenge – Dusty Tree Yarn

Craft Category:
Start Date: January 19, 2023
Finish Date: February 6, 2023


Yarn: Dusty Tree Dyeworks, TWIG, in the Stormy Night colorway, 77 grams, 238 yards

Needles: US7


This is my Jan 2023 personal stash yarn challenge yarn, and I’ll be using it for the January Yarn of the Month in Carol’s Another Year of Stash MAL in the A Stitch in Time group.

I’m not 100% sure what I’ll make with it yet, but I’m leaning toward either a hat and mitts, mittens, or maybe a cowl/scarf. That really doesn’t narrow it down much. :face_with_rolling_eyes:

1/19 – Finally cast on. I’m playing with a scarf/shawlette design that will increase on one edge and use all of the yarn.

2/5 – Finished! I ended up doing an end to end shawlette, increasing to the hallway point and then decreasing back down. After playing with various stitch motifs, I really liked how the variegated yarn looked in moss stitch and used that the whole way through with an eyelet edge.

As it turns out, my skein was only 94 grams, not 100. I’d forgotten to weigh it before starting, so I just assumed 50 grand would be mid way and started doing the decreases as 52 grams. Turned out I should have gone down closer to 47 grams. I have 12 grams left (that math doesn’t seem right, but it is what it is).

After blocking it, I may add a small fringe to the lower edge because *fringe*, but we’ll see. It’s actually shorter than I hoped for (using those extra 12 grams would have helped), so I’m going to see how much length I can block out of it before committing to the fringe.

Overall, I enjoyed knitting it, the patterning was pretty potato chippy. LOL

Having used over 200 yards, it does qualify for The Stitch in Time Monthly Personal Yarn Club MAL.


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