July 2022 Personal Stash Yarn Challenge – Rogue River Cowl

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Start Date: July 19, 2022


Yarn: FDW Bounce, Secret Garden Mini Set (main colors); FDW Bedazzled, Soft Black (contrast)

Needles: US 3

Pattern: Rogue River Cowl, by Kay Hopkins



7/28 – I cast this on last week and just realized I never started a project page for it. Oops!

I’m using Secret Garden mini set in Bounce from my stash as the MC for this cowl, and doing the slipped stitch motif in a solid color, Soft Black in Bedazzled.

There’s no way this will actually get done in July, but it’s a fun project. I did have a false start when I realized that I wrongly assumed that the pattern started at the bottom edge and the fancy mosaic part would happen first, then realized no, it starts at the shorter part up by the neck. I had to rip out because I wanted the mini gradient to be lightest at the bottom edge and I’d started with the green. I wasn’t that far in though, so it wasn’t a big deal.

Also, the way the pattern is designed for working the edge stitches I found to not be super intuitive, so shortly into it, I decided to just slip the last two stitches at the end of each row with the yarn in front and then knit them on the next row, creating a tiny i-cord edge. Working out fine.

After doing a bit of math, I calculated that I’ll change the MC color about every 44ish rows. I’m going to have a lot leftover of some of the yarn, but it should work out fairly evenly color segment wise, I think.

I’m currently in the second color.

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