KitKat’s Sweater

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Start Date: December 25, 2023
Finish Date: December 27, 2023


Yarn: Neeley’s Knit DK, Hard to Starboard colorway, 115 yd/50 grams

Needles: US5 and 7


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Stitch marker from AdoreKnit


KitKat, our old man cat who is nothing but fur and bones, has been really cold lately, so I decided to see if he’d wear a sweater. After finding a crochet pattern that I thought I could whip up quickly and then messing it up three times, I decided that winging my own knitted version would probably be faster.

I did the whole thing in 2×1 rib over 72 stitches until the division for the front leg holes. I started on US5s for an inch or so then moved up to 7s, which was still right enough to keep the fabric from being too loose. I knit to his body length to the shoulders then bound off stitches for two openings. I knit about 2″ of a little chest piece before joining in the round again, casting on 5 stitches in each place I’d bound off. Knit with 5s for a couple inches of a collar and bound off. It fits amazingly well for really not doing much measuring on him as I went. I’ll try and write up a better description of what I did later so I can replicate it if I need to make another one.

He’s been wearing it ever since I finished it, so I’m calling it a win.

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