LOOP Bullseye Bump – Freshly Squeezed

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Start Date: February 23, 2022
Finish Date: May 9, 2022


Fiber: LOOP Fiber Studios Bullseye Bump. Purchase in April 2012 (!!). Colorway is Freshly Squeezed, 5.5 oz. bump. I lost the info card for the specific fiber content, but this one has no sparkle.

Wheel: Schacht Sidekick, using the jumbo flyer and bobbin.



Decided to do a quick and dirty spin with this bump that has been in my stash forever! (Even longer than I originally thought once I found my order info on Etsy! Yikes.)

I may leave this as a singles and felt it slightly, or I’ll chain ply it. Not sure yet. It’s a little sticky to draft though, probably from being in my stash cubbies for so long and getting a bit compressed.

5/10 – I finally finished the singles of this bump yesterday. Honestly, it was not an enjoyable spin, which is unusual for Loop bumps for me. I think it was mostly the loooooong stretch of very bland, flesh colored fiber in the middle of it. I’m not going to ply it. I’ll leave it as a singles and hold it with another yarn when I knit with it.

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