March Personal Stash Challenge Projects – Scarf & Mats

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Start Date: March 10, 2023
Finish Date: March 27, 2023


Yarn: Maddfuzzy, both DK, one was lighter than the other though. I don’t have the labels handy. One was 225 yards and the other was 275 yards to start with. I used at least 50 grams of the heavier weight and at least 59 grams of the other. I’m estimating that to be 147 yards of the one and 137 yards of the other for a total of 284-ish yards used for the scarf and 155 yards for the two mats.

The warp for the mats was a combination of two Upton Yarns Cotswold/Romney fingering leftovers I had as well as leftovers of FDW Ridgetop Fingering I had in Kept and Peat.

Loom: Ashford 24″ rigid heddle loom, 7.5 dent heddle.


I ended up with a LOT of yarn left over from my weaving project I did with the Maddfuzzy yarns, as I miscalculated my warp length. I think. I’m not entirely sure where my mistake was, but I wanted to use all of this yarn, so I decided to do a second weaving project with it. I found four NSW fingering weight leftovers in colors that would coordinate with the Maddfuzzy yarns and warped with them. I’m alternating the weft yarns every two passes, and also experiencing with working from both sides to get a pretty edge on both sides rather than just one.

The light colored weft shuttle weighed 72 gr and the dark weighed 79 gr at the start.

Warp was approx 80″.

Finished with these. I need to get final dimensions yet, and take a better FO picture, as the one above shows the mats with the original scarf I also did with this yarn. The second picture is just the scarf.

However, the final Maddfuzzy yardage used, in total for the weft of these two mats, is 155 yards.

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