Marled Scrappy Socks

Craft Category:
Start Date: October 7, 2023
Finish Date: October 24, 2023


Yarn: Fibernymph Dye Works Mountain Tweed BFL, two strands held together:

Plain Vanilla, 219 yd
Vivid Violet, 39 yd
Magenta, 9 yd
Gunmetal, 39 yd
Walnut, 11 yd
Lime, 31 yd
Warm Honey, 44 yd
Raspberry, 35 yd
Bright Ocean, 11 yd

(Yardages, other than Plain Vanilla, are approximations based on percentage of usage within the two socks and the total finished weight of the socks.)

Needles: US 2.5


**Pigskin Party Note:** Project bag from The Sensible Stitcher, PSP 2023 Snack Shop Sponsor.


This will be an entry in the Q1 Challenge for the Pigskin Party. I’m following my recipe from a previous pair of marled shortie socks.

10/24 – Finished! These were so much fun. They’re going to be super warm. I made them long enough for Emma so they’ll be a Christmas gift for her.

I used my basic sock recipe. I joined in new colors using the clasp weft join technique, but I still also wove in each end a little bit to avoid the end eventually working itself out to the outside of the sock as happened with a hat I did using this join and not weaving in the ends. Just a little extra security!

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