May Personal Stash Yarn Challenge – Dragon Hoard Favorite Scarf

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Start Date: May 19, 2023
Finish Date: August 14, 2023


Yarn: Dragon Hoard Yarn Myth Fingering, Good Luck Black Cat colorway, plus 20-gram gray mini

Needles: US 5 (that’s what I used last time I knit this pattern, but I’m thinking I may need to go down a little?)

Pattern: Favorite Scarf Ever, by Lisa Bruce (Pattern available as a free download from her blog post.)


This is my May Personal Stash Yarn Challenge Yarn. I’m splitting both the main skein and mini in half and will work both from the outer edge in (as per the pattern), beginning with the gray mini, to make the Favorite Scarf Ever. It’ll be wider than the last one I made, so I’m planning to put buttons on it so it can be worn as a drapey cowl.

This is going to be my Katy Trail bicycle trip project. I’m planning to cast on before we leave.

6/13 – I did indeed cast on prior to our trip and I actually worked on it a bit while we were away. I’ve been working on it since we’ve been home as well, but it is unlikely to be finished by the end of June to qualify for Carol’s May Yarn of the Month Club. Oh well! I’m enjoying it nonetheless!

6/20 – After one false start, I finally got the second half of this scarf cast on this morning.

Notes for my future self, should I make this again: repeat is 12 stitches plus 9. I’m doing 5 repeats, so that’s a cast on of 69 stitches.

7/5 – Sadly, I’m hibernating this for the month of August while I focus on my grandson’s college blanket and my Tour de Fleece spinning.

7/27 – Back out of hibernation and taking it with me on the Soggy Bottom trip.

8/7 – I have over half of the second half of the scarf done. Hopefully I can finish it up soon!

8/13 – Finished! Just needs to be blocked. In rereading my notes from earlier in the project, I forgot that my original plan was to add buttons to be able to cowl-ify it. I’ll have to see how the dimensions end up after blocking, but my original vision may not work. I’d thought that, making it wider than the first one I made, would result in a significantly shorter length, but it’s not nearly as short as I thought it would be. I probably would have needed to make it several repeats wider for that. It’s fine as it is, in really happy with it and love the colors and how it knit up, in just not sure how well buttons will work on it. TBD!

(I just noticed, as I was putting the needles away from this project, that I somehow knit one half on a US5 and the other half on a US4. :shrug::face_palm::joy: Clearly it did not cause a significant enough gauge difference to make it noticeable to me in the fabric, but seriously… WTF, Lisa??)

8/15 – With regard to my note on my needle size issue, it now dawns on me why the second half ended up being about 1″ shorter than the first. I thought I just did a bad job of splitting my yarn in half. But it makes more sense that it’s due to a row gauge difference. Whatever! I love it and feel like it’s perfect!

I blocked it last night, finished sizes being 72″ x 15″. I blocked really aggressively widthwise and then just made sure I pinned out the chevron points. This size is perfect for a scarf, and the fabric is perfectly drapey, I really think I will leave it as it is rather than connecting it for an infinity scarf as I originally intended.

I added a blocking picture, but the colors are horrible since it was taken down in the basement. Bleh. Better picture soon!

This ended up being a well-traveled project. I started it as my project for the KATY Trail bicycle trip in May/June; it went with me on the Soggy Bottom motorcycle weekend; and finally it went with me to Shawnee on our camping trip with Ashton a couple weekends ago. Amazingly, I did work on it a good bit during each of those trips, as well as at home in between, so it’s got a lot of really good memories from Summer 2023 knit into it. 🙂

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