Mug Rugs

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Start Date: June 26, 2022
Finish Date: July 2, 2022


Yarn: I’m using some teal 8/2 cone cotton for the warp and various Sugar ‘n Cream-esque cottons for the weft.

Equipment: I’m using my Ashford 10″ rigid heddle Sample It loom with the 12.5 dent heddle.




I warped with some teal 8/2 cone cotton and am using partial balls of Sugar n Cream worsted weight cotton for the weft.

I am making these as practice for placemats I want to try and make. I figured this would be a good small project to experiment with.

7/8 – I soaked and separated these last weekend but I still need to neaten the fringes before they’re fully finished. Pictures to follow.

TOTAL YARN USED – 60 grams This includes both warp and weft.

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