Mutant Starfish Plant Mat

Craft Category:
Start Date: May 18, 2022
Finish Date: May 18, 2022


Yarn: Handspun Loop Bullseye Bumps plied together. Used about 25 grams of it, maybe 79 yards

Hook: F


For this one I decided to fall back on my tried and true hexi, but not too far into it I decided I couldn’t bear to do a giant hexi after having dinner all of those mini hexis a couple of years ago. So I put an edging around this after 7 rounds and called it done. It’s big enough for this small plant pot that holds my poor, leggy pothos that really needs some TLC. Have this strange mat, little pothos. You’ll feel better. LOL

This yarn is some heavily marled blue and gray (not as obvious in the picture) that was part of a huge skein of handspun I did with two loop Bullseye bumps. In total I have over 200 grams of that yarn but I don’t really love it and have never find the right project for it. I thought this might be it, but the color just really bored me. I used 25 grams of the yarn, roughly 79 yards.

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