Ridiculous Granny Square Obsession

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Start Date: March 12, 2023


Yarn: Lots and lots of scraps of worsted weight yarn, and probably DK weight yarn. Plus the only three full skeins of worsted weight I could find in my stash (single skeins not from sweater lots): FDW Cozy in Wisp; Leading Men Fiber Arts SW Worsted (can’t remember the name of the base) in 911 Butterfly; and Spinning Fates skein that I once made a scarf from and then frogged.

Hook: Started with H and went down to G.


I started this on a whim with no plan other than to give my shoulder a break from knitting on the shawl I’d been working on pretty intensely. Granny squares are soothing for me, mediative…crochet in general feels that way, I think because of the rhythmic, fluid motion.

I decided to use up my worsted weight scraps first and got around 30 squares. But by then I was all in on this obsession, so I searched my stash for single skeins of worsted and found three (which surprised me that that was all there were, but I apparently tend toward DK instead), so I pulled those for the project. One of a light gray that I’m pretty sure I dyed. One is a LMFA in the 911 Butterfly colorway, and the last is a skein of Spinning Fates that I got years ago at an IK&S, knit into a potato chip scarf which ended up being too short so I ripped it out and now I’m reusing it.

I think I am also going to use the rest of my DK scraps, as, after some playing, I realized there’s only about an 1/8″ difference in square size between worsted and DK using a G hook. (I’d started out with an H for the original worsted squares, but I like the G squares better, so I’ll make them all work.)

My default plan for this is a blanket/throw, but it’ll really depend on how many squares I end up with in total. Right now I’m just enjoying the process of making them.


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