September 2022 Personal Stash Yarn Challenge – Handspun Woven Scarf

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Start Date: February 26, 2023


Yarn: Handspun from March 2009; spun from Merino/Seacell fiber from River’s Edge Weaving Studio. About a sport weight and I have around 340-ish yards.

Loom: Ashford 10″ SampleIt Rigid Heddle Loom; 7.5 dent heddle.



This was my September 2022 Personal Stash Challenge yarn that I didn’t get to with with last year. I’m weaving a simple, plain weave scarf with it.

After some deep dive research on my very old blog, I’ve confirmed my memory that this was Merino/Seacell fiber. I got it from River’s Edge Weaving Studio sometime early 2009 or earlier (most likely at a fiber show, and my hunch is Pittsburgh Knit & Crochet, but I can’t say for sure), and I was spinning it in March 2009. Definitely some well-aged handspun stash.

This is just going to be a plain weave scarf, using the 7.5 dent heddle, I’m hoping to get a nice open weave, drapey fabric.

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