Shetland Spinning Set

Craft Category:
Finish Date: July 6, 2022


Wheel: Ashford Traveler

Fiber: FDW Shetland Spinning Set in five colors – Ecru, Fawn, Moorit, Gray, and Black.


I started this spinning project in 2016 with one of my FDW Shetland Spinning Sets I had in the shop around that time. I’d spun the first 4 colors but then never did the last one for some reason, so I did that now.

It’s all a two ply, heavy sport/light DK.

Ecru – 73 yd (40 gr)
Fawn – 184 yd (73 gr)
Moorit – 208 yd (80 gr)
Gray – 240 yd (100 gr)

July 2022:
Black -166 yd (56 gr)

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