Spooky Scary Socks

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Start Date: October 19, 2022
Finish Date: November 10, 2022


Yarn: Knit Spin Farm Targhee Fingering, Spooky Scary colorway

Needles: US1


Usual 2×1 rib sock, though I am doing a modified heel flap…staying in the 2×1 rib pattern on the front (rather than the regular slipped stitch heel flap I usually do) and purling across on the back, which is yielding a broken rib effect on the purl stitch of the 2×1 rib. I think I like it? It’s making the heel a bit roomier though, since there aren’t any slipped stitches to give it stability. We’ll see how it feels when I’m wearing it at some point.

11/10 – Done! The heel flap is definitely roomier and I can feel the broken rib columns in the inside. I’m not sure if that’ll be annoying when wearing them in a shoe or not. In general it feels like it’s making the sock pull down around the bottom of my heel and the then the sock feels shorter, even tho it’s not, all because the heel flap less fitted. :shrug: It was an experiment tho, and I’m sure they’ll get worn. I’m putting them away for next fall tho, since I didn’t get them done for Halloween this year.

I have about half the skein left. If I used another yarn for toes, I could probably make a pair of shorties for Emma with it.

11/21 – I realized today that part of the problem with the heel fit is that I made the heel flap about 6 rows shorter than I usually do, thus it is indeed shallower than I’m used to. Bummer. But I think I’ll give them to my mom for Christmas. They should fit her fine and she likes handknit socks, so, win!

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