Stria Hat

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Start Date: May 27, 2022
Finish Date: June 5, 2022


Pattern: Stria Hat, by Andrea Mowry

Yarn: Fibernymph Dye Works Linnaeus, new color combo for an upcoming fall colorway. MC – 32 grams. Contrasting colors are Linnaeus Minis in brown, green, red, and gold, 2-3 grams each.

(ETA 8/4/22 – This set is now in the shop as First Harvest Small Project Sets.)

Note – I had a full skein of the MC, which is why I had so much left over (referred to below). Using a Small Project Set would not yield nearly as much leftover MC.

Needles: US2


I started this during Andrea’s weekend hat KAL last weekend but didn’t have time to finish until now.

I did do the tubular cast on, a first for me, which ended up being kind of wonky and I managed to lose stitches in the process, so I worked the hat over 94 stitches.

I had done trouble getting into a rhythm with the half fisherman’s rib, and that was compounded by the smoothness of this yarn, which made it harder for me to keep an even tension (I just finished a sweater using a woolly wool, for which I tensioned the yarn way more loosely, so it was just an adjustment going back to a smooth, superwash yarn). My BOR seam was really loose and weird where I was joining the CCs since I couldn’t weave my ends in as I went like I’d usually do because starting with a purl stitch makes that harder.

In the end, I was able to remediate most of the seam gaping as I wove in my ends, so it doesn’t look bad. I found the HFR decrease stitches easy to do though, so that’s a win!

Over all, I’m happy with the hat considering the learning curve. It’s too snug for me since I was working with fewer stitches that I should have had, but it should fit Emma perfectly.

I have plenty of yarn left so I’m thinking of making some kind of cowl maybe? I enjoyed learning the HFR stitches and can see myself making the sweater, but not out of SW probably.

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