Superstitious Pullover

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Start Date: October 14, 2021
Finish Date: October 20, 2022


Yarn: FDW Ridgetop DK

  • MC – Custom Gray (1122 yards/510 grams)
  • CCs – Pumpkin Orange (17.6 yd/8 grams), Vivid Violet (63.8 yards/29 grams), and Toxic Green (118.8 yards/54 grams)

Pattern: Susperstitious Pullover, by Michael Shaun
(Pattern for sale on Etsy here.)

Needles: US5, US6, US7


9/18/22 – Started this last year but didn’t finish it in time for Halloween. Just picking it up again now and I really want to get it done so I’m going to try and stay monogamous with it.

I finished the yoke colorwork and split for the sleeves this morning. I’m thinking the body should go fairly fast. This will probably be my car knitting project going to and from NC this coming weekend.

10/20/22 – Finished! I ended up going with a crew neck rather than a hoodie, as the hoodie directions were not working out for me. I was also unsure if I’d have enough yarn to finish it with a hoodie, so this worked better.

I used US5 for the ribbing on the neck, hem, and cuffs. I used US6 for the colorwork and the body. I used US7s for the sleeves, as my small circumference knitting of sleeves always ends up tight.

For the sleeves, I picked up 6 stitches under the arms, knit one round, and then did a decrease round. I continued to do decrease rounds every 5th round for a total of 12 decrease rounds.

This is very oversized, as Emma wanted it. But part of it was my gauge was quite off — 4 st/in instead of the called for 5.25. But it fits her the way she wanted it to, so that’s what matters!

Overall, I really loved the charts. The pattern directions weren’t quite as clear as I’d have liked in some places, but part of that could be my own penchant for switching things up, and also the fact that a year lapsed in between me knitting the yoke and then finishing the rest of the sweater. :}

My only real regret with the yarn is that I didn’t go with a slightly lighter gray, as the violet really doesn’t pop as much as I’d like. You can tell they are cats in person and kind of in the pictures, but they aren’t as defined as they’d have been with better contrast in the yarn. But again…Emma loves it, it is done, and that makes me happy!

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