Velveteen Llariega Cowl – June 2022 Personal Stash Yarn Challenge

Craft Category:
Start Date: June 16, 2022
Finish Date: June 18, 2022


Yarn: FDW DK Weight Mini Set, Velveteen. This set included six 25-gram minis, five in Bona Fide (100% SW Merino) and one in Beguiled (75/20/5 SW Merino/Nylon/Silver Stellina) I used all of the brown and dark purple and had some leftover of each of the other colors. I haven’t weighed to get exact grams.

Pattern: Llariega, by Belén Fernández (Link goes to Ravelry!)

Needles: US 4 and US 6



This was a really fun pattern and I enjoyed playing with this mini set to make it. My goal was to mirror the colors, which mostly worked except in the final ribbing. I knew I wasn’t going to have enough brown to do it, so I used the Eggplant instead. I ended up running out of that before the bind off, so I used brown for the last round and the bind off. I’m happy with how it turned out!

I used all of the brown and eggplant. I need to weigh my leftovers of the other four colors when I get home. I finished this in the car on the way home from Florida, weaving in ends in the backseat while the car bounced and swerved with Roy’s driving.

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