Post-Vacation Mood

You know how when you first get home from a really awesome vacation, you can feel that vacation mood still wafting around you like the soft essence of your favorite flower? And you want soooo much to keep it there, to not let it fade? Because if you can keep that feeling going, then maybe you aren’t so much still on vacation but you’re in a better place while you’re back home in real life?

Along the roadway on Achill Island, County Mayo

That’s what I’ve had going on since returning from Ireland last weekend. This trip was more than I expected of it. The places, the sights, the music…OMG, the music. I swear, I do not have a drop of Irish blood in me that I’m aware of, but I feel a visceral pull to that country like I don’t feel anywhere else, even here in the mountains which I love dearly.

Mullaghmore Head, County Sligo, Classiebawn Castle in the background

I’ve been able to ease back into my work routine this week, which has been a gift in itself. But even doing the things I need to do, my mind and my heart aren’t completely here. Part of me is back there in that wild Atlantic land, reliving the sights and sounds that were just a week ago, and a lifetime ago.

I can’t wait to get back there again someday.

The Burren, County Clare

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