Welcome to My Favorite Day!

Hi friends! This website has been a work in progress for quite some time. There are so many places online to share creativity – Instragram, Facebook, Ravelry, etc. But I really wanted a creative “home base,” a place where I could share whatever it is that I’m working on, be it in the fiber arts or otherwise.

Knitting and spinning projects? Yes!
Something interesting that I’ve read? Yes!
Woodworking? Gardening? Journaling? Yes!
Tarot and crystals and herbs? Yes!
Enjoying the outdoors on my bike/in my kayak/hiking on trails/riding my motorcycle? Yes, yes, yes!
Affirmation and encouragement? Absolutely yes!

My Favorite Day is going to be the home base where I can share and record all of these and more, and I’m hoping you’ll find it a cozy, happy place to visit with me. All I ask in return is that you treat me, my content, and fellow visitors with respect. See something you aren’t into or don’t agree with? By all means…click away! It’s a world (wide web) out there. 😉

This site is by no means in its final form…it will remain a work in progress as long as I’m a work in progress! Come along for the journey!

For a fuller read about My Favorite Day and myself, check out the About page!

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